Each month, the GRACE staff meets to share a time of fellowship and catch up with everything that is going on around the agency. One of the last items on each month’s agenda is a time to share “kudos”… a verbal “pat on the back” for a job well done or a “thank you” for going above and beyond the call of duty. We’re very proud of the people who work within these walls and have decided to share with everyone the comments made each month. We hope you enjoy getting a peek inside!

Recent Kudos

Kyle Buchanan
Nick Carissimi
Christina Cates
Kristina Davis
Heather DeMoss
Trevor Green
Marcus Miranda
Lesley Mitchell
Araceli OIivo
Stacy Pacholick
Jennifer Rawls
Shirley Roberts
Shonda Schaefer
Melissa Simpkins
Lara Sundell
Fanny Vazquez
LaMon Walker
Teresa Williamson
Mark Woolverton


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